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Blockchain/AI & Metaverse Platform

Now Available on SAP® Store

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The hybrid cloud, blockchain, and AI-powered e-health and e-commerce platform

now available to businesses using solutions from SAP and others

MUNICH — July 15, 2022 — STAR-RISER GmbH Business Solutions, a strategy and IT consulting company, today announced its COVI eHealth – Blockchain/AI & Metaverse platform is now available on SAP® Store, the online marketplace for SAP and partner offerings. 


"In the future, healthcare organizations, governments, banks, and others will provide services to their citizens via the blockchain,” said Alexandra Reichert, CEO of STAR-RISER, Oxford Blockchain Strategist, and Oxford executive alumna. “It’s a quantum leap for technology and no one understands this better than STAR-RISER, whose vision has been to streamline complex business processes with blockchain and integrate them with SAP solutions."

Alexandra Reichert, CEO & Founder

COVI eHealth leverages innovative blockchain strategies to simplify supply chain management and e-commerce with a permissioned blockchain-based payment solution, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), AI face recognition over the blockchain, and virtual showrooms with innovative products in the COVI enterprise metaverse.


The e-health and telemedicine platform is built on SAP Business Technology Platform and integrates with SAP Extension Suite and/or SAP Integration Suite and fuels businesses to become intelligent enterprises. Companies without SAP solutions can also use the platform.

The fast, secure, and smart platform with a B2B and B2C marketplace represents the new medicine of tomorrow. It is expected to play a critical role in disease mitigation and is designed to prevent life-threatening diseases beyond pandemics by offering innovative EU-certified preventative products in the COVI metaverse as part of its portfolio.

With this approach, the platform seeks to enable resellers and customers (government agencies, corporations, healthcare organizations, and citizens) in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) to: 

  • Increase sales revenues and boost marketing strategy in the enterprise metaverse: New distribution channels with 24/7 marketing and sales

  • Optimize procurement processes through AI face recognition over blockchain: Safe second-factor authentication to prevent online fraud

  • Accelerate and optimize payment procedure through blockchain-based payments: Up to 10 times faster blockchain permissioned-based payment

  • Reduce costs through optimized supply chain management processes with blockchain: Drive down the organization’s overall operational costs

  • Protect intellectual property through NFTs: Avoid fraud and duplications of assets and utilize NFTs over the blockchain


STAR-RISER offers software licenses on SAP Store to customers in EMEA. Customers can then sell (medicine) products from the COVI platform to wholesalers that sell the products to drugstores, hospitals, and other concerns. As a result, no one needs to develop a solution. Rather, they can buy a monthly license to use the software to sell products in the web-based enterprise metaverse in the standard edition and or in their own enterprise metaverse provided and designed by STAR-RISER in the enterprise edition.


SAP Store, found at, delivers a simplified and connected digital customer experience to find, try, buy, and renew more than 2,000 solutions from SAP and partners. Customers can use SAP solutions and SAP-validated solutions to grow their business. For each purchase made through SAP Store, SAP will plant a tree.


STAR-RISER is a partner in the SAP® PartnerEdge® program. As such, it is empowered to build, market, and sell software applications that supplement and build on SAP software and technology. 



STAR-RISER GmbH Business Solutions, a strategy and IT consulting company, is a leading provider for Oxford Blockchain Strategies, new networked-based business models, blockchain, and AI-powered cloud platforms in the metaverse. With over 25 years of international business experience and technological and business process expertise in the health, financial, retail, and high-tech industry, STAR-RISER and its brand CODEVIRAL help Global Fortune 500 companies integrate their blockchain strategy into their business strategy to bring the old and new economy together.

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Alexandra Reichert 

CEO STAR-RISER GmbH Business Solutions

+49 (0) 176 / 630 20 314



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