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About Star-Riser


Welcome to STAR-RISER GmbH Business Solutions in Starnberg, Germany.
In 2002 the firm was established in Munich. As of 2015, the office location is in Starnberg near Munich.
Learn about how STAR-RISER is dedicated to innovation towards customer orientation and intelligent high-quality software solutions to fulfill all the requirements of extremely highly-effective strategic marketing, sales & service tools. Find out about the Executive who drives the company's direction. Learn about Customer Successes.
Read about the STAR-RISER values. Need to talk with someone about the STAR-RISER solutions? 

Our process

STAR-RISER focusses on leading Marketing and Sales strategies, as well as on individual high quality Business Solutions for Marketing, Sales & Service. The company helps high performing enterprises to systematically grow on a global scale and to find new innovation potentials. STAR-RISER means competency and international business experience. We help global players around the globe, SME's and celebrities to achieve brilliant results. STAR-RISER offers extraordinary professional competency in Strategy and IT Consulting, e-Business solutions, and Software Development (CRM, SCM, Sales & Distribution, Financials etc.).

Our obligation

Our mission is to help businesses with innovative customer oriented strategies and e-Business Solutions to find and secure their position as market leader. STAR-RISER is result-oriented and commits to their customers' success. STAR-RISER is solid, experienced and future oriented. The relationship with customers is based on openness, trustability and partnership.

Any questions or thoughts? We are always happy to help out!

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